Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's happenin' hot stuff?

Not a lot here on the frozen tundras of Ohio. But I realized that I hadn't posted anything on this blog thingy since October and it was buggin' me. So...I figured I'd post an update.

Okay, first, HELLSBANE series. Book 3 HELLSBANE HEREAFTER will be coming soon. I swear it! It's all written and ready and sitting somewhere in the mountain of work on my editor's desk. I haven't gotten a cover (but I'm guessing it will have the chick with the "eyebrows" on it in some way.) As soon as I get it and the PTB give me the thumbs up. I'll share it. YAY!!


I'm working on a new project that I'm SUPER excited about. I don't want to give a lot away because...

Okay, because I'm paranoid and superstitious and generally troubled in many, many,...many ways. BUT...I don't mind giving hints. So....

This next project will be a Paranormal (naturally)

Wow. Yeah, but it's still a Romance...

Right... Except not quite so Main Stream Media.

That's more like it. But my new book has nothing to do with vampires. It's more along the lines of...

Exactly! With more...


And of course LOTS of....


And a little...

And through it all there'll be...

So there you have it. That's my current project that will be making its way to a bookshelf near you soon!


I am!

In the mean time check out these latest paranormal romances from my publisher to help get you in the mood...

Haunt Me
by Heather Long

Love At Stake

By Victoria Davies

Beg Me To Slay
By Lisa Kessler

And don't forget to stop by Entangled Publishing Facebook to join in their birthday bash! 
Starting February 24th, Join Entangled authors and team members as we gather to celebrate our 3rd birthday! It'll be a week of games, gossip, fun, and celebration!


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