Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dancing Robots

I feel the need to explain. (I hate that!)

Anyway I found this little guy at a Boarders book store a couple Christmases back. I cranked him up and let'im go. I think I laughed for the next two hours straight with only the occasional need to crank him up again.

I cannot explain why he makes me laugh, but he does. Still. The dancing robot has given me hours of joy. I hope he does the same for you.

So...with no further ado...I give you...

The Dancing Robot!!!!


  1. Well dang, can't get it to play, when I click on it it says, "This video is private."

  2. Hee! Totally made me smile... :)


    Lisa :)

    1. And the death of milk jug he was made from was not in vain. :) Thanks, Lisa!!

  3. I have one too- thanks to you! He's on my desk at the salon. I had the girl one also but her little head broke off. I think I'm listening to too much Alice Cooper... (..."we go dancing nightly in the attic while the moon is rising in the sky.....)

  4. OHGosh! That was funny, will have to myself one!
    Thanks for sharing Paige!

  5. Okay, I smiled at 23 seconds. Cute!

  6. He's a cutie! I can see why you laugh with him. ;-D

    -- Marcia ;-)