Monday, November 19, 2012

Excerpt 5 She's Famous!

One more day until the OFFICIAL  release of my new urban HELLSBANE!!! (I'm so psyched!! goodygoodygoody!!)

That means you still have one more day to enter to win a free copy of HELLSBANE or be the runner up and get an awesome Angel tarot card deck!

To be eligible to win, just fill out the form after the excerpt or leave your name and email in the comments. The winners will be posted here on release day--TOMORROW!!

Now...on with the excerpt. Today's slice is from chapter fifteen-- Emma's made quite a name for herself in her chosen field and in the following excerpt we get to see what that's like.


I refused to turn, just kept my eyes on the numbers rolling over the gas pump, like I hadn’t heard a thing.
“Hey, aren’t you Madame Hellsbane, the psychic?”
Most times I get a kick out of being recognized. This wasn’t most times. I tensed my cheek muscles, forcing a smile as I looked over my shoulder at the guy standing next to the minivan. “Hi.”
“It is you. I knew it. Hey, honey...” Mr. Minivan, in his tie-dyed T-shirt and faded jeans, turned, yelling to his honey, who’d already gone into the convenience store. He spun back to me. “She’s gonna be thrilled. We’re big fans.”
“It’s great to meet you,” I said, practiced professional smile in place.
I seriously didn’t have time for this. I’d just gotten a huge clue to the identity of my angelic father and I still needed to figure out a way to get close enough to take out Tommy’s. I needed to get home and do some serious Googling. Plus...I needed gas.
The problem was, in my business, reputation was everything. And this guy seemed nice. Nice enough to have a lot of friends. Plus, he kind of reminded me of Tommy. Maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see.
But he was tall like Tommy, over six feet, with the same thin, gangly, long-limbed build, though Tommy had been more muscled and about ten years younger. My tie-dyed fan kind of reminded me of a high school science teacher, with his hawklike features and his silver wire-framed glasses. 
“My name’s Kyle.” He offered his hand, and I shook it over the top of my other, still on the gas pump. “You probably remember my wife, Sherry. You did a three-card reading for her at the big Beltane gathering last year. Waited two hours in line to see you.” His smile brightened. “It was great, by the way. Dead on.”
I nodded with a polite “good to know” smile. Even if I didn’t do thousands of readings a year, I’m horrible with putting names to faces.
The gas hose clicked off, and I yanked the nozzle out of the Jeep, turning to hook it back in the pump. “It was great seeing you again, Kyle, and I’d love to say hi to Sherry, but I’m kind of in a hurry...”
“Kyle?” a woman’s voice called, two beats before she joined us between my Jeep and the gas pumps. Seeing her tie-dyed shirt and jeans, I made the giant leap that she was Kyle’s wife.
“Madame Hellsbane,” Kyle said, translucent brows high on his forehead, smile wide and bright. “I tried to tell you.”
Sherry rushed toward me, shouldering Kyle out of the way. She grabbed my hand and shook it hard enough I thought she’d loosen my arm from my body.
“It is you—do you remember me—I can’t believe you’re pumping gas like a normal person—I’m such a fan—you’re shorter than I remember.” Words gushed out of her like she’d taken a verbal laxative.
I didn’t mind much. She was a sweetheart with twinkly milk chocolate eyes and a cheery smile. And she clearly liked me. Always a big plus.
“Of course,” I said, amping up the professional smile a few watts. “Sherry, right? We met at the Beltane gathering last year.”
Her jaw dropped, eyes wide. “That’s right. That’s right. You remember.”
I would’ve admitted to gleaning the info from Kyle if he called me on it, but he didn’t. Typical. People only pay attention to about half of what they say.
“Ohmygoodness, would you use your powers to tell us if we’re going to get pregnant soon?”
Crap. I exhaled, smiling as I said, “Sure.”


Once again, I hope you enjoyed today's EXCLUSIVE excerpt from HELLSBANE (book 1) and check back tomorrow (a.k.a. RELEASE DAY!!) to see who won the free copy of HELLSBANE and who won the Angel tarot card deck!

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