Monday, November 5, 2012

So I got this sword...

There's only a little over 14 days before HELLSBANE releases!! WOOT!! So I wanted to share my personal connection to the new cover.

During the process of making the new cover for HELLSBANE, the cover artist asked me to describe Emma Jane's sword.
She took my description and came back with this awesome cover! *Note the sword.*

Cool, right? So then the family and I went to the Ohio Renaissance festival. (Totally awesome! LOVED it! We go every year.)

I always spend WAY too much money there on stuff I just HAVE to have...and then proceed to tuck it away somewhere not to be thought of again until the festival rolls around again. *sigh*

BUT...this past year I really did buy something I HAD to HAVE. I bought a sword. But not just any sword. I bought Emma Jane's sword. Seriously!!!
And then I nagged the DH to hang it for me so I could share a photo. He finally did! Check it out...

Emma Jane's Sword

I LOVE IT!!!! Except for the name, it's exactly the same as the sword she's holding. 

There was a lot of talk in our house about how dangerous it might be hanging there. We have small dogs that tend to bounce. We fixed that problem though. You can't see it, but there's a bird cage stand under the sword, so little furry friends can't get under the sword point. Some day I'd actually like to get a cage and, y'know...a bird to put in it, but until then...I'm REALLY likin' the sword there...hehehehe
Nice addition, huh?

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