Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Cover for HELLSBANE

The countdown has started!! With just under 19 days before the re-release of HELLSBANE I'm gearing up by officially posting the NEW COVER!!!

I have to admit, I was a little wigged out by the idea of changing out the covers. I mean, I totally loved the old cover.

Old Cover

BUT.... after I calmed down (I seriously do not handle change well...sorry Stacy!!) and made myself actually LOOK at the NEW COVER, it really started to grow on me. Check it out...


So here's why I like the new cover better:

  1. I like that you actually get to see Emma Jane. I mean, this is her, folks. This is pretty much how she appears in my head...scary accurate. Her hair is a little shorter in my head, but since she's not the type to obsess over stuff like that, I can see her not going in for a cut very often.
  2. I LOVE the younger feel of the cover. HELLSBANE is definitely an adult series. But it has a young, snarky vibe that I know would appeal to YA readers. And this NEW COVER helps clue the viewer into that.
  3. love, LoVe, LOVE the sword!! Seriously! Swords play a huge roll in the series. She has a friggin' sword supernaturally tattooed onto her wrist. (see reason 4) Swords are central to the story line! How could I have a cover without a sword on it?
  4. The "mark" is on the cover. The one thing about Emma Jane that visibly sets her apart from humanity, the one thing announces to the world that she's not normal, is the illorum mark. (What's an illorum? Read the book...hehehe) I was ecstatic to see it on the cover!
  5. Finally, it just JUMPS out at you, doesn't it? Good or Bad--Love it, or Hate it, you notice that face, those eyes, staring at you from the shelves. It draws attention, which is the #1 job of a cover. Get Noticed.
Well, there it is. The new cover for HELLSBANE, releasing November 20th 2012

So now...I wanna know what you think. Old or New? Love it or Hate it? Let me hear your thoughts...
BUT, keep in mind it's not changing. This is it. And there are people behind this cover who worked really kind/ gentle. 

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