Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nicola Marsh's Writing Cave

HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE, releases August 27th! 
To help gear up for the big day a whole crew of author friends will be stopping by all month sharing photos of their writing caves where they create those books we just can't wait to read. And I'll be posting excerpts from the first two HELLSBANE stories as well as EXCLUSIVE sneak peeks of the up and coming, HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE book. 

Don't forget to enter the pre-release contest for a chance to win a Nook Color, $50 Amazon Gift Card and copies of the the first two Hellsbane books and the prequel! CLICK TO ENTER ]

Nicola Marsh

Ever wonder where USA TODAY bestselling author, Nicola Marsh's great characters are born? Well, you're in luck. She's here with us today giving us a quick peek into her writing cave. That mystical place where all writers wall themselves up to fully indulge their imagination.  

Imagine how many of Nicola's wonderful characters were flushed from the ether onto the pages of her books right at that desk.  What sort of story do you think will fill her thoughts next? Leave a comment and tell us about it!  What Nicola Marsh book are you most looking forward to? Wanna see more author caves? Check out my collection @

A quick glance shows how Nicola covered the walls of her writing cave with her awesome cover flats and even has one blown up to poster size. Don't you wish you had that on your walls?

Lucky for us we don't have to wait to read the next awesome Nicola Marsh story. Her latest contemporary romance, BRASH, is out right now!


Jess Harper is so tired of being good…

Thrust into the dazzle of Burlesque Bombshells, Vegas’s premier dance venue, the small town librarian has no option but to embrace her inner vixen.
Especially when blast from her past, sexy Aussie celebrity chef Jack McVeigh is still determined to keep their relationship strictly hands-off.

This time Jess isn’t surrendering without a fight and armed with her hot props and Bombshell moves, Jack doesn’t stand a chance.

When Jess and Jack are sequestered on an island to orchestrate the burlesque wedding of the year, sun, surf and sizzling sex are on the menu!
But will the fiery couple come back for seconds? 

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? So go buy a copy!

[ Amazon ] [ B&N ]  [ Kobo ]

Learn more about Nicola Marsh and her other great books at her website:

And don't forget to enter the  HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE Pre-Release contest for a chance to win a Nook Color, a $50 Amazon Gift Card and copies of the whole HELLSBANE series so far!!


  1. Ok, full disclosure time.

    As I told Paige, my office rarely looks like this. EVER!
    This was taken last year before a Melbourne newspaper was coming over to interview me.

    My desk? NOT that clean. Imagine it covered in every color/size piece of paper you can think of. It's a mess.
    And I've succumbed to the lovely iMac now so you'd think I'd have more desk space, right?
    Nope. Just covered in more mess.

    Oh, and the floor? Covered in boxes of books!

    There, so now you know my secret...

    1. That's too funny, Nicola! Every once in a while I'll look around my office and think...OMG, someone trashed my office. How did I not notice? LOL

      It's okay though. I like that saying 'A messy desk is the sign of a busy mind.' Which, y'know, was said by someone with a messy desk. :) Thanks for sharing your writing cave!!!

  2. That just makes it a normal office. LOL

    Love how you've done the cover flats! :)

  3. And I was sooo impressed with your tidy office, Nicola. LOL! But I feel better knowing it is normally a bit messier. Like mine!

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