Monday, August 19, 2013

Rachel Harris' writing cave

HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE, releases August 27th! 
To help gear up for the big day a whole crew of author friends will be stopping by all month sharing photos of their writing caves where they create those books we just can't wait to read. And I'll be posting excerpts from the first two HELLSBANE stories as well as EXCLUSIVE sneak peeks of the up and coming, HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE book. 

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Rachel Harris

It's so great to have Rachel Harris on my blog today sharing pics of her writing cave. Rachel is the author of the upcoming heart melting contemporary romance, Taste The Heat, from Entangled Publishing
And the fabulously popular YA (young adult) novel,  A Tale of Two Centuries.

Rachel said, "My writing cave is often filled with Diet Mt. Dew cans and occasionally with candy wrappers, but it's always stocked with books. Reference books like Noah Lukeman's The First Five Pages and Ackerman's The Emotion Thesaurus, and favorite novels that inspire me (way too many to name). Binders filled with character notes and detailed plot points, sketches and random thoughts. And for when my brain just locks up, I have two thick volumes of Sudoku puzzles (*grin*). Sticky notes are EVERYWHERE.  

On the wall, I have posters from my recent summer releases (adult romance Taste the Heat and YA A Tale of Two Centuries), as well as sketches from fans and my children. And that maroon pom pom? That was from at Entangled game at my first Romantic Times conference, and the first big event I attended as a "Published Author." All of these things make me smile. They truly tell the story of my journey. And on days when words just aren't coming, a quick glance around my cave reminds me of why I do this, that I can do this, and motivates me to dive back in and continue doing this.  

These are such great photos! Thank you so much, Rachel for sharing!!
Learn more about Rachel Harris and her great books at her website:

  One sexy fire captain. One Cajun chf. One combustible kitchen…
   When chef Colby Robicheaux returned home to New Orleans to save her family restaurant, the last person she expected to reconnect with was her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. As tempting as a sugar-coated beignet, Jason is one dish she can’t afford to taste. Colby can’t wait to leave the place where her distrust of love and commitment originated and go back to Vegas. 
   Fire captain Jason Landry isn’t looking for love, either. Disillusioned by his past, he knows he should be focusing on finding the perfect mother for his daughter. But when he first sees Colby, all grown up and gorgeous, he can’t help but be drawn to her. And when she suggests a no-strings-attached fling, Jason can’t say no.
   As their relationship grows more intense, Colby finds that Jason isn’t as easy to leave behind as she thought. Could turning up the heat on something real be worth the possibility of getting burned?

Sounds yummy, right? 
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   Alessandra D’Angeli is in need of an adventure. Tired of her sixteenth-century life in Italy and homesick for her time-traveling cousin, Cat, who visited her for a magical week and dazzled her with tales of the future, Alessandra is lost. Until the stars hear her plea.
   One mystical spell later, Alessandra appears on Cat’s Beverly Hills doorstep five hundred years in the future. Surrounded by confusing gadgets, scary transportation, and scandalous clothing, Less is hesitant to live the life of a twenty-first century teen…until she meets the infuriating—and infuriatingly handsome—surfer Austin Michaels. Austin challenges everything she believes in…and introduces her to a world filled with possibility.
   With the clock ticking, Less knows she must live every moment of her modern life while she still can. But how will she return to the drab life of her past when the future is what holds everything she’s come to love?

Love Yong Adult books? You HAVE to read this one!
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  1. hehe love to see these! There's just something special about seeing the place a writer's magic happens. Look at those book shelves! *drool*